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Learn the basics An introduction to Workstack
Managing your projects

Assign todos to multiple people

Workstack splits the work in your projects into the following levels:

  1. Todo List
    1. Todo
      1. Task

Tasks are sections of a Todo that you can assign to different people. Assign the whole thing or just a part of it.

With Workstack you can assign the same todo to more than one person
With Workstack you can set estimates for projects and tasks

Plan how long things will take

With Workstack you can set time estimates for both Projects and Todos.

This means, as the project progresses, you can see the amount of time remaining on the project.

At a glance see where your project is currently at

Project dashboards let you quickly see the progress you’ve made on the project and any issues you need to deal with.

With Workstack you can track the overall progress of your projects from the project dashboard
Scheduling your team's work
There are two different types of task in Workstack

Pinned and stacked tasks

There are two types of task in Workstack. Pinned tasks need to start on a particular day and stacked tasks just stack one on top of the other as they have no fixed date.

To view your stacked tasks click the icon that appears at the top of each user's stack.

With Workstack you can just click and drag todos to assign them to people

Simply click and drag to assign tasks to people

With the Project panel open in the Calendar just click and drag a Todo into someone’s stack.

By default this assigns the whole Todo so if you want to assign a smaller portion just click and drag it’s end.

Workstack allows you to schedule meetings and time off

Group team members

From the People panel you can create Groups so that you can quickly see the work for a particular set of people - e.g. all the designers

Workstack allows you to schedule meetings and time off

Block out meetings and time off

You can set multiple attendees for meetings.

Time off blocks can be added individually or across the whole team to cover public holidays, individual vacations and down time.

Time tracking

Task Timer

You can record the time you work as you go with the time tracker.

The time tracker is activated from the context menu within each Todo.

When the timer is running every 5 minutes the time log will increase by that amount and the task will shrink by 5 minutes.

* Time is rounded to the nearest 5 minutes.

With the Workstack timer you can record time worked as you go
The todo time log in Workstack

Logging time

When you complete a Task the estimated time of the task is automatically added to the Time Log of it's parent Todo.

From the Todo's Time Log you can edit and delete the separate time entries, as well as manually adding new entries.

Report on the hours worked

Track the time worked in your team between a given date range.

You can also filter your results to specific projects or individual people.

Workstack can track time worked on projects or by people
Discuss individual tasks

Keep all your conversations in the same place

Team discussions can be made around specific Todos, and you can decide who’ll be notified by email each time a new comment is made.


Link Workstack to the other applications you use

We have started integrating Workstack with other popular applications. At the moment Workstack works with Basecamp 3, Google Calendar and Slack and we have a BETA application available in Zapier on request.

* Greyed out applications are coming soon

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